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Passenger transportation is carried out on three links:

• The Western link, Douala–Kumba :

Standard Coaches, adapted for the displacement of the population from the Southwest to the Littoral provinces, and also for the transport and forwarding of Parcels and luggage.

• The TRANSCAM 1 link, Douala–Yaoundé :

> Omnibus trains plying all stations and stops, composed of 2nd class passenger coaches and luggage coach adapted for Parcels and luggage transport. They help in opening up local areas and ensure the forwarding of foodstuffs to big towns.

>> Intercity trains, composed of (1st and 2nd class passenger coaches, Buffet/Dining coach and electric generator coach), plying agglomerations and head quarters of Sub-Divisions. They favour the displacement of populations in comfort and safety.

• The TRANSCAM 2 link, Yaoundé–Ngaoundéré :

> Omnibus trains plying Bélabo and Ngaoundéré line, facilitating the movement of people living along the railway line and goods from the local areas towards agglomerations.

>> Intercity trains plying Yaoundé-Ngaoundéré and composed of :

  • Couchette cars (4 bed compartments) reserved for those travelling as a family, with friends or in groups ...
  • Sleeper cars (2 bed compartments) for couple travellers or those seeking some calm and space.
  • First class couches providing more comfort.
  • Buffet/ dinning coaches for meals and snacks.
Hostesses are on board for quick and quality services Qualified security agents assure your security on board.

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