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The provision of merchandise transport services by CAMRAIL is par complete wagons.

Request for wagons :

Customers who most load merchandise, animals, vehicles, are asked to make their request known in writing at least 48 hours in advance at their departure station, detailing the number of wagons and the date they wish to have the wagon at their disposal. Request for material most include the name of the station of destination and also the following though not exhaustive information concerning the freight : the

  • nature
  • quantity
  • dimensions
  • weight or volume
  • all other characteristics especially the risk inherent in the goads and the safety measures taken by the customer.

CAMRAIL is not responsible for any undeclared risk and for those which no safety measures had been taken to avoid.

Provision of wagons :

The station authorities informs the customer as soon as they are in a position to put the wagons requested at his disposal on the day and hour that this will be done.

Putting wagons at the disposal of a customer/loading :

The putting of a wagon at the disposal of a customer is an operation which consists in placing the wagon where it is supposed to be loaded or offloaded.

This operation is done in the presence of the customer who has the right to raise an objection or to make some observations in time;

The loading period is 6 hours: this includes the loading, all the necessary verifications, the sealing of the wagon and the presentation of the completed declaration form in the train station.

The offloading period is also 6 hours.

If the loading or offloading period is not respected by the customer, he/she shall be entitled to pay a wagon unemployment fee of :

  • 60 000 F CFA from the 7th to the 12th hour
  • 120 000 F CFA from the 13th to the 18th hour
  • 180 000 F CFA from the 19th to the 24th hour
  • 360 000 F CFA per day after the 24th hour.

The customer is permitted to use the maximum capacity of the wagon placed at his/her disposal on condition that the maximum tonnage of the wagon or its size is not exceeded.

Merchandises excluded from our service provision list or accepted on certain conditions :

Excluded Merchandises :

Un-standardised goads, gold, platinum, all goads subject to value declarations, securities and valuable papers are prohibited except by special derogation by CAMRAIL top management, who then fixes the conditions.

Merchandises accepted on certain conditions :

1. Explosives, inflammable, dangerous, poisonous and infectious goads:

As long as their transportation is not forbidden by the law and regulations in force, these goads can only be transported after the precautionary conditions prescribed by CAMRAIL shall have been met.

2. Equipment and motor vehicles, equipment to be transported on their own wheels :

CAMRAIL reserve the right to refuse the transport of this equipment, if it appears to him that it can temper with circulation safety. The feasibility of the transportation of such goads is studied case by case.

3. Life Stock :

Life stocks are loaded and unloaded by customers at their own expenses and risk.

Customers are supposed to make their request for wagons at least two days before time to the expediting station manager. Yaoundé remains the unique destination Station.

Each consignment most be accompanied by at least one conveyor, who is responsible for feeding and curing animals on the way.

The transport of animals is only accepted in stations where platform facilities exist for loading and unloading of animals.

4. Indivisible Masses and objects of exceptional dimensions :

Exceptional transport concerns either objects that are dangerous by nature, those objects whose sizes exceed that of the wagons and security standards, or those necessitating specialised wagons. By indivisible mass we mean objects which individually weigh more than 12 tonnes.

CAMRAIL reserves the right to refuse transporting such objects if she is not in possession of the appropriate wagon or if the object presents some circulation risk, or can be a cause of damage to other objects being transported.

If CAMRAIL accepts to transport such objects she remains the sol master of the conveyance duration.

Payment :

Expeditions are done on cash payment according to modalities fixed by CAMRAIL.

By derogation, CAMRAIL can arrange other modalities or particular conventions with individual customers.

Transport duration :

The maximum transport durations are as follows :

  • Douala – Yaoundé link and vice versa : 2 days
  • Douala – Bélabo link and vice versa: 4 days
  • Douala – Ngoundéré link and vice versa: 6 days
  • Other links: 3 days up to 350 kilometres and 2 more days for any additional 250 kilometres.

(Not including the day the goads are declared and the day the goads are cleared, non working days are included).

The information on this web site is indicative. The details of freight transport modalities can de found in our “General Terms of sale” book that is available free of charge at our offices.
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