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The 26th of September 2016 marked the end of the first phase of proceedings between Camrail and 13 of its workers, against the public Prosecutor and the October 21 train accident victims. These proceedings that were very stressful, particularly to the Victims, their families as well as Camrail’s team ended with Camrail being condemned by the court of first instance of Eseka for involuntary Homicide, unintentional injuries and dangerous activities.

Camrail has taken note of the court’s decision but wish to contests it, due to the fact that, it is not based on any expertise carried out by a qualified or competent body to establish objectively the real cause of this tragic accident ; recommend measures to circumscribe these causes permanently and secure the railway company from further accidents.

Camrail and his 1600 collaborators express their total misunderstanding at such a decision, which is solely based on assessments made by some of its former employees who are unqualified, uncertified declared experts and who for some personal reasons have been in judiciary proceedings against CAMRAIL for 10 years now.

Camrail challenges this decision, which does not provide a clear explanation of the real causes of the derailment of train 152, which had undergone all the control and safety procedures provided by the regulations, as was demonstrated during the hearings.

CAMRAIL intends to appeal this decision immediately and renews its confidence in Cameroonian justice to bring fair and objective answers in the Court of Appeal.

CAMRAIL renews its sincere condolences to the families of the victims and will continue to make efforts to complete the process of compensation of victims, which has been completed to date for over 90% of families and dependents.

Media Contact: Jean Claude ETOGA – 699 31 99 35 /

CAMRAIL offers two principal services, passengers and freight transportations.

Transport of passengers  
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Freight Transport  
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CAMRAIL's participation in projects concerning fauna (wildlife) and flora >> To know +

Orange Money

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CAMRAIL actively participates in the control and spread of HIV/AIDS
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