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Through its autonomous AIDS control Unit, CAMRAIL organised a sensitisation, voluntary and anonymous screening campaign in 2006 recording a 2,8%1 prevalence rate.

In collaboration with the National Aids Control Committee (NACC), The Provincial Technical Group and NGOs, CAMRAIL constantly deploys efforts in HIV/AIDS control activity.

Each year, significant financial resources are mobilised against this terrible illness.

Currently :

- 73 Peer Educators, 5 Peer Educator/Counsellors and 17 Nurses have been trained locally;
- One Physician was trained in Ouagadougou ;
- Over 565 000 free male and female condoms have been distributed ;
- There is effective 100% health care for patients , their spouses and children, as well as acquisition of a set of books and cassettes for sensitisation and the adoption of a CAMRAIL CHARTER for the protection of People Living with HIV/AIDS.


CAMRAIL introduced an ARV (Antiretroviral) policy for infected employees and their families by making cash deposits with network health centre Physicians (DOUALA-YAOUNDE-BELABO and NGAOUNDERE.) This practical decision avoids stock shortages and ensures confidentiality. (The employer does not have the names of HIV positive employees)


1 During the 2006 campaign, 1 080 (46%) employees out of a total of 2 336 in CAMRAIL participated, 31 cases tested positive representing a 2.87% prevalence rate. Voluntary screening was also carried out for sub-contractor families and employees; the low level of participation in this category is not adequate to determine a reliable prevalence rate. A total of 1 826 people participated in the campaign. The final report was submitted by the Lanquintini Hospital. (Hopital Laquintini)

The HIV prevalence rates for past campaigns were: 6.6% in 2001, 8.9% in 2003 and 4.26% in 2005. It should be recalled that the national average in Cameroon stood at 5.5 in 2005

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